Wall-Top Units

COMPACT EQUIPMENT air-to-air, wall mounted

Adaptation and Versatility

• The wall-top units have a new compact, lightweight design and are easy to mount on the wall.
• Many configuration options thanks to OPTIONS and a wide variety of ASSEMBLIES for correct air distribution.
• Maximum accessibility and easy maintenance via removable panels.
• Adaptation to air conditioning needs as per RITE.

Energy efficiency

• High partial and full load efficiency, reducing operating costs.
• Optimised dynamic extraction air heat recovery systems via additional exchange coils that increase subcooling, resulting in a substantial improvement in the equipment’s efficiency.
• Design with mixing section, Free-cooling and an increase in subcooling.
• Electronic fans and electronic expansion valve available for minimum power consumption.
• Compliance with ErP 2018.

Low noise level

• Compressors in insulated, closed compartment available with acoustic isolation jacket.
• Low revolution axial condensation fans.

Easy control

• Electronic regulation and CAREL supervision for simple use and high performance.
• Wide variety of communication protocols (Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks).


• Optimised design for reduced load of refrigerant R-410A (ODP 0, GWP 2088).


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