DRY COOLERS for fluid cooling


• Dry cooler equipment with casing protected with weather-resistant polyester paint and high protection against UV rays.

• Efficient operation based on variations in ambient temperature at the coil entrance.

Energy efficiency

• Units produced with high-performance heat exchangers.

• Possibility of including a high-performance adiabatic cooling system with low loss of load to increase efficiency.

Bespoke configuration

• Possibility of researching and designing bespoke equipment based on specifications thanks to the selection programme.

• Different types of construction to adapt to the project specifications:
– Horizontal design
– Vertical design
– V-shaped equipment with dry cooling
– V-shaped equipment with adiabatic cooling

Easy control

• Electronic regulation and CAREL supervision for simple use and high performance.

• Wide variety of communication protocols (Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks).

Energy savings and control

• High efficiency ventilation units via dual speed AC axial fans or EC axial fans.

• Adiabatic panel with low loss and high efficiency.

• Control of adiabatic system that favours the use of the equipment in dry mode and uses adiabatic mode in peak high outdoor temperatures for minimal consumption of water.


and other applications, please consult us.

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